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Dog engaging while boarded


A home away from home

Dog Boarding Stays Include:

  • Full day of safe daycare play that includes physical exercise, enrichment and mentally stimulating activities 

  • Daily 7-point health check

  • Frequent potty breaks 

  • Gourmet evening treat

  • Evening play session 

  • Quiet time with story and extra cuddles 

  • Daily suite cleaning (bedding, surfaces, dishes, etc.)

First time?  Book a 'test' stay!

We love that you trust your dog in our care and want them to have the best experience possible.


If your dog has not stayed at a pet resort or lodging facility before we encourage you to book a 'test' stay for your pup! This is the perfect way to expose your dog to the sights, sounds and smells of the facility, allows us to interact with them and assess their fit.

Dog Boarding Pricing:

Daily Suite: $57/night 


  • Multidog families -10% discount on their lodging stay. The dogs may share a suite or have separate suites.

  • Early check-in and/or late checkout available for an additional fee of $18.00 each. 

  • Check-in / Checkout: 12:00 PM during resort hours (6:00 am - 6:30 pm)


*Dogs not checked out by closing time (6:30PM) will be required to stay overnight and an additional night's stay will be added. Dogs can be picked up when the Resort opens the following day.

Dog Boarding Options:

Mid-Day Enrichment: $9.95/day (stuffed kong or puzzle feeder) in addition to base lodging

Groom or Last Day Bath: A groom or bath can be added to the end of your pet's stay, leaving them feeling and smelling fresh!


Ask our Client Care team for details!

Gus Dog Daycare
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Long weekends and peak holidays fill up quickly.

Book early to avoid disappointed!

Our overnight lodging is ideal for social dogs who love to play and interact. We incorporate the lodging dogs with daycare and include them in the daily activities while they are in our care. This gives them hours each day to socialize, play and exercise their brains and bodies. 


  • Social, dog friendly dogs are accepted into lodging. Book a daycare assessment or test stay if you are unsure.

  • Dogs that have shown aggression at any time can not be accepted.

  • Current vaccinations are required for Bordatella/ Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza, and Rabies after 6 months of age. 

  • All vaccination records must be provided 24 hours before the arrival of your dog.

  • Intact dogs are not accepted after 1 year of age.

  • If required, our Pet Care team may adjust the activity exposure for your dog to best meet their needs.

  • A Lodging Checklist will be provided at time of booking so you know exactly what items to bring for your dog. 

The Gus's Experience

Safety is our top priority and our team completes a behavioural safety assessment on each dog at the resort (lodging and daycare).


Overnight lodging is ideal for social dogs who love to play and interact. We do incorporate our lodging guests with daycare so they can actively participate in the fun activities during their stay. This provides them with hours each day of socializing, play and exercise for their brains and bodies.

Our engaged Pet Care team leads curated playgroups -  based on energy, temperament and size - through a series of creative games and exercises that include a ball pit, pool parties and training exercises. This blend of stimulation is so rewarding for our dogs and they have the best experience we can create for them!

Lodging dogs also receive extra morning and evening play, cuddles and potty times and we alternate between play and rest in their private suite, so they get the most out of their stay at Gus's Pet Resort.

Dog at a boarding facility in Okotoks

Dog Boarding Contact



Fill out this form and a member of out team will reach out to answer them.

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