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Grooming at Gus’s Pet Resort focuses on creating the best care for your pet – we are appointment based so your dog gets the time and attention it deserves while in our salon.  Our experienced Pet Stylists stay current on modern grooming and gentle handling techniques to ensure your dog comes out of the room looking their best while making sure they have been comfortable during their visit.  


We believe your dog's experience is as important as the final look when they leave our grooming salon.

prep for your pooch


Before your pet’s first grooming appointment with Gus’s, we recommend thinking about what sort of haircut or services you would like for your dog. Important considerations are:

  • how active your lifestyle is

  • how often you will brush and comb your dog at home, and,

  • how often you are able to come for grooming services.


To make the most out of your appointment, we will discuss the optimum grooming schedule, training exercises and/or grooming to do at home for your pet’s individual needs.


Dog Spa Services

All of our grooming services include a bath, blowout, ear cleaning, nail trim, and nose-to-tail wellness inspection.


  • Kennel Cut – short all over cut

  • Teddybear Cut

  • Breed Cut

  • Asian Fusion Cut              

  • Bath & Brush/Bath, Brush & Tidy – depending on your dog’s coat.


Add-on to any groom:

            Nagayu Treatment



Walk-in services:


            Nail trim

            Pad trim

            Face trim


our products make a big difference!

All of our grooming services include a bath, blowout, ear cleaning, nail trim, and nose-to-tail wellness inspection.

Bath & Brush

Treat your dog to a bath and brushing, to keep their shedding hair at bay.  For short-haired dogs only who don't require trimming, a Bath & Brush is a great way to stay on top of shedding hair.


Bath, Brush & Tidy

Treat your dog to a bath, brush, and trim around the bum, face, ears, legs and feet.  This is a great way to maintain your dog's coat between grooms if they require full grooms (such as a bichon or labradoodle), or to regularly maintain a shedding coat to keep them clean and tidy.


Puppy Groom

For puppies under 6 months, this groom includes all the essentials to get them comfortable with grooming. Includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim, brushing and ear cleaning. NOTE: no other specials or discounts apply to this service.

Kennel Cut

An easy-to-maintain style that keeps the same length all over, under a half-inch in length.


Teddy Bear Cut

A fluffy style that leaves the legs and face full, while the body is trimmed as desired.  Length is a 1/2 to 1 inch.


Breed Cut

A variety of breed-specific styles can be done, depending on your dog and desires.

Please contact us for pricing


Pawdicure (nail dremel)

A gentle filing of your pets nails for a soft, smooth finish, and a pad massage with a natural pad moisturizer.


Blueberry Facial

Made from natural products including blueberries, avocado, coconut oil and aloe... this facial will exfoliate, moisturize and brighten hair.


Mud Bath

Add-on a luxurious mud bath (choose from Soothing Mud or Shed Safely).  Soothing Mud is an all-natural hot spot dog treatment for irritated, itchy, blemished skin, loaded with antioxidants and astringent ingredients to promote healing and comfort.  Shed Safely Mud treats dry skin, removes loose fur, releases undercoat, and unclogs hair follicles.

Plaque Cleanse

A natural and sedation free way to keep your pets teeth clean. Using a natural enzyme to break down and gently remove the plaque and tarter.



Add the convenience of a full day of daycare to your groom for the price of only half-day.

*no other specials or discounts apply to this service.


  • Puppies must be 12 weeks old and have received their second booster vaccines before their first grooming appointment.

  • We do not shave or give full grooms to double-coated dogs by request.  Double coats will only be shaved or cut if necessary for the comfort of the dog due to excessive matting.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.

  • Excessive matting will result in a shave-down for the dog’s comfort. 

All prices will be subject to GST and are based on the condition of the dogs coat.



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