for pampering for your best friend

Our groomers are a new breed and we focus on creating an amazing experience for your dog.  

Why let us groom your pooch?

  • Appointment based booking are faster, meaning less stress on your pet.

  • Trained and experienced staff who know safe and gentle grooming techniques.

  • Customize your dog's groom to your lifestyle and pet's needs (see menu below!)

  • Prebook your next groom at checkout and save 10% on your next appointment.

Step 1:  What's your dog's style?


All styles include: 

  • bath 

  • blow-dry

  • basic brushing (up to 15 minutes)

  • nail trim

  • ear cleaning

  • nose-to-tail inspection

Prices are based on dog's size, weight, coat length and condition. 

Bath & Brush

Includes basic brushing of the coat (up to 15 minutes)

Bath, Brush & Tidy Includes basic brushing of the coat (up to 15 minutes), trimming of the face, feet and sanitary area.

Kennel Cut An easy, low maintenance groom.  An all-over cut under 1/2" in length.

Teddybear Cut A fluffier, fuller hairstyle.  An all-over cut 1/2" and longer.

Breed Cut Your choice of a breed specific haircut that suits your dog and lifestyle.

Puppy Groom First groom for puppies under 5 months old, focussed on socializing them to grooming.  Includes bath, blow-dry, and trim of feet, face and sanitary area.

Step 2:  Fur-Friendly Upgrades (optional)

Coat specific options to customize your pup's groom.

Smooth as Silk  $10

Best for:  short, slick coated breeds like Pitbulls, Beagles, Boxers, or similar hair types.  Includes: deep conditioning treatment, exfoliant massage, and extra deshedding.


Long Hair, Extra Care (Deshed)  $10-25

Best for longer haired, double coated breeds like Collies, Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc..  Includes: deep conditioning treatment, deshedding and leave-in conditioner.


Short Hair, Everywhere (Deshed)  $10-20

Best for short-haired, double coated breeds like Labs, German Shepherds, Huskies, etc..  Includes:  deep conditioning treatment, deshedding, and leave-in conditioner.

Turn Up the Volume  $14

Best for silky and mixed breeds like Shihtzus, Yorkies, Havanese or similar breeds.  Includes:  blueberry facial and volumizing leave-in conditioner.


Doodle Dog Method  $20

Best for Doodles.  Includes: conditioner and curly hair finishing spray.


Good Hair Day  $10

Best for wire and coarse coated breeds like Terriers.  Includes: wire coat shampoo and leave-in conditioner.


Step 3:  Pampered Pup Extras (optional)

Some extra fancy options to pamper your pup.

Pawdicure (nail dremel)  $10

A gentle filing of your pets nails for a soft, smooth finish, and a pad massage with a natural pad moisturizer.


Blueberry Facial $8

A blueberry scented facial wash to remove staining and relax your pup.


Bath Bomb $8

Deoderizing and extra lush bath bomb with witch hazel and lavender essential oils, great for skin issues.

VIP Package $20

This package for Very Important Pup includes all the best extras - Blueberry Facial, Pawdicure and Bath Bomb.

Smelly Pet Bath   $8

A deodorizing shampoo and extra good scrub to help freshen up a smelly dog.  

Heavy Tidy   $10-20

A heavy trimming on the belly, feathers and pants area.  

TLC Package  $10-25

Extra time and charge to safely and comfortable groom dogs who require special handling for senior age, special or medical needs, very anxious dogs or very squirmy dogs.

Extra Kenneling  $10/10 minutes

Need extra time? Early dropoff more than 10 minutes before appointment time, or 30 minutes after pickup call made.



  • Puppies must be 12 weeks old and have received their second booster vaccines before their first grooming appointment.

  • We do not shave or give full grooms to double-coated dogs by request.  Double coats will only be shaved or cut if necessary for the comfort of the dog due to excessive matting.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.

  • Excessive matting will result in a shave-down for the dog’s comfort. 

All prices will be subject to GST and are based on the condition of the dogs coat.